Product Design
Lotte Peters, Michael Hoang & Hugo Wiledal

Two ambitious entrepreneurs approached our Amsterdam team with a 10-year-old vision to offer sustainable mobility for everyone. They had a concept for solving the problem of limited mobility access in rural areas and needed a service design partner to bring their vision to market.

What does OnzeAuto offer?
OnzeAuto offers an online platform that analyzes a user‘s mobility needs and then presents cost-effective options for them to lease electric cars with others.

We partnered up with OnzeAuto to make this come to life through creating their brand, their website as well as their product, which was a web app. I was part of designing their product.

Who is the user?
People who live in rural Netherlands. Often families who already own a car, but are in need of a second car for occasional use. The user is familiar with what it means to buy and own a car. Most likely they own a traditional car that runs on gas or diesel, but they are interested in electric cars meaning they do care about the environment and are not afraid to try something new.

We worked with two specific use-cases:
1. Someone who already knows who they would share the car with.
2. Someone who is in the process of deciding who to share their car with.

What are we trying to solve?Getting a car can be scary, sharing that car with other people can be even more frightening. Being sure that everyone pitches in as much as they should is essential so that things stay fair.

How might we design an experience that:


Gives the user transparency as well as control and overview over what everyone has to pay?


Helps someone know who they need to share with to get the price they have to pay as low as possible?

What we didWe started by creating a trustworthy and hand-holding onboarding experience to set everything up as well as introduce new terms and concepts. We wanted each step to talk about one thing and one thing only to reduce clutter and create a focused experience.

After the onboarding the user sees a dashboard providing a detailed overview containing all choices that were made in the onboarding.

All these choices are customizable:


If the user knows who they want to share the car with then they can invite real people with real mobility needs and see how much it will cost for each one.


If the user is in the process of figuring out who they want to share the car with then they can play around with fake users with different mobility needs and find out how many people they need to share with to achieve their ideal cost based on their mobility needs.

When they have found a constellation that they are happy with then they can request a leasing contract with some of the biggest leasing companies in the Netherlands.

My role:UX (creating user flows & wireframes) UI (Design production & prototyping) and hand-over to development & QA.

What I learned?After shipping our MVP and trying it on the market we found out that our initial user wasn't the right one, but instead, we found a lot of traction from small businesses (e.g. local supermarkets or gas-stations). They were interested in leasing a car and share it with (and charge) people from the local community. From that insight, we pivoted towards a B2B solution instead through changing the communication throughout the site and product. Our work with OnzeAuto stopped at that point, and they took over in-house.

My learning is that the quicker you ship, the quicker you will find out if you are building the right thing.